You Can Heal Your Life

Today’s gospel tells about a miraculous healing at the Pool of Bethesda. Do modern shrines like Lourdes and Medjugorje really heal people? Pastor Sal explains how we can experience divine healing in our lives today.

The Shepherd’s Voice

The UCC motto is, “God is Still Speaking” and Jesus, the Good Shepherd, instructs us to follow his Divine Voice. Pastor Sal talks about how to listen more closely to our inner GPS (God Positioning System). It will lead to pastures of plenty and rest for our souls.

Are You Spiritually Fed?

So many people in our world today are spiritually malnourished. How can we spiritually feed ourselves and one another? Pastor Sal talks about a third resurrection story, where the risen Christ appears to Simon Peter and instructs him to ‘feed my sheep.’

The Benefits of Doubt

The Apostle ‘Doubting’ Thomas didn’t believe that Jesus had risen from the dead. We’ve been led to believe that doubting is an obstacle to faith, but Thomas Merton said, “A man of faith who has not experienced doubt is not a man of great faith.” Pastor Sal reminds us that we need to be asking questions.

Two Processions

There were two processions on that first Palm Sunday: Pilate’s on a horse and Jesus’ on a Donkey. Jesus also had two processions during Holy Week: one of palms and one of pain. Pastor Sal reminds us that a spiritual journey includes both light and darkness.

The Fragrance of Love

When Jesus’s friend, Mary of Bethany, anointed his feet with costly perfume, Judas complained that it was squandered. Pastor Sal talks about loving wastefully without counting the cost.

The Journey Home

Jesus said that when the Prodigal Son “came to himself,” he made the journey home. During Lent, as we prepare to come home to ourselves, God will run to meet us and prepare a banquet for us. Pastor Sal shares wisdom from Richard Rohr and Eric Butterworth.

Does God Punish People?

Hurricanes, earthquakes, and diseases are not punishments for sins. Pastor Sal explains that in the parable of the barren fig tree, Jesus is telling us that God believes in second chances. Our purpose for being is to bear the rich, abundant fruits of the Spirit.